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LifeCom™ Emergency Alert Systems

We know one goal of every Fire Service is to reduce response time to an absolute minimum. For more than 40 years our engineers have been developing products and circuits specifically designed to meet the communication systems requirements of NFPA 1221.

Whether Fire Service or Police or Ambulance Service or Dispatch, we know getting the right information to the right people at the right time is critical.

Some of our customized features include:

  • One-way dispatch from 911 centers via VoIP, phone, or alert radio systems
  • Special Tones controlled by dispatch
  • Ramp-Up "Heart-Friendly" Tones
  • Talk-back dispatch with response
  • Fire band radio monitor
  • Separate amplifiers for living quarters and apparatus rooms
  • Special speaker systems designed for apparatus bay
  • Door bells with unique identifiers
  • Door intercom and interlock access door controls
  • 911 Emergency Door Phones
  • Strobe lights for hard to hear areas
  • Bunk Room night lights on at alert
  • Outdoor speakers with timers

Additionally Alert systems be integrated with customized Access Control and Video Security Systems.

We are happy to visit your station, review your requirements and offer solutions for your departments unique alert system needs.

Please contact us to set up an appointment or gather more information.