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Public Safety Police & Fire Facilities

In 1959 Scan Am installed our first intercom system in a public safety building. Since then we have engineered, installed, and serviced hundreds of specialized systems related to Public Safety.

We have experienced the unique needs of Fire Departments, Police Departments, Ambulance Services, Municipal Buildings and Public Facilities in communicating critical information to the right people at the right time.

We have responded with our LifeCom™ Emergency Alert Systems that are always customized to meet the needs of the individual dispatch, fire, police, ambulance service or public building.

Our systems can also be enhanced with customized security through Video & CCTV and Access Control.

Sound systems are designed to provide quality audio regardless of the environment or background noise. Intercom and Paging systems and other Emergency Communication systems can enhance a telephone or dedicated intercom system or can be used as a stand-alone or often needed back-up system.

EACH system is custom designed for the individual Departments needs.

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