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Intercoms & Paging

RingmasterScan-Am has been a Pioneer in the Paging and Intercom business. Our roots begin in 1959 with the introduction of Ring Systems, and the Ringmaster Intercom Communications solutions. Since that time, we have evolved into more diverse usage of Paging, Public Address, and Intercom Applications.

  • We use overhead paging amplifiers and speakers designed to meet the needs of all types of businesses from small, quiet offices to large campus environments and noisy manufacturing locations.
  • Public Address and Intercom Systems for Campus Level, Warehouse and Inter-office Facilities; help improve efficiency, safety, and security for a wide variety of business enterprises.Valcom Horn Speaker

Zoning and amplifiers are set up to meet specific customer requirements. A wide range of cone and horn speakers provides a solution for every imaginable customer location. In addition, there are products available to compensate for environmental noise fluctuations, to place pages in queue in a heavy paging use facility, and to allow pages to be pre-recorded and played back at designated times.

Products > Interfaces to Pagers and Phones

Interfaces to Pagers and Phones

Wireless PhoneScan Am can interface your paging system to your phone system. This allows for easy paging from any phone in your facility. Whether the paging system is new or already exists, Scan Am can integrate it into your already existing phone system. No new phone system is required.

Aside from a phone system, Scan Am can interface an RF paging system to another already existing system such as nurse call.

Interfacing of systems is a case by case situation. Scan Am will take the time to analyze your existing systems and your needs and will work with you to provide the best solution for you.

Please contact us to set up an appointment or gather more information.