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Nurse Control StationA goal of every healthcare organization is to maximize Patient Satisfaction. Scan Am, a trusted leader in the healthcare industry since 1959, has been integrating products and communication systems specifically designed to allow today’s caregivers to respond in a busy and often short-handed unit. Our nurse call systems are rich with features that every nurse wants, allowing your team to meet the needs for today, as well as tomorrow. Simplify your workflow with our easy to learn call light systems. Improve response times with fewer steps and less effort.

We provide leading manufacturers’ name-brand nurse call systems customized for your environment’s needs, and back it up with our master installation technicians. They know your nurse call system, understand your needs, and know how to work around an active healthcare environment.Nurse

Touch Screen Systems

Flat touch screen monitors release all the functionality at your fingertips: placing and answering calls, review patient data and care information, making staff assignments, and more. They clearly display pertinent information such as pending patient calls, bed status, and priority of calls.

Streamline communications across your unit in a snap. Locate staff at a glance and communicate with them by simply activating buttons.

When IR tracking is installed, sensors in rooms and hallways will detect the presence of staff members wearing badges as well as tagged assets. Activity in real-time, as it is occurring in the unit is displayed at the nurse’s master station.

Nurse Station Phone
  • Instant communications to and from patients and staff
  • High visibility of all patient requests
  • Flexible options for bedside, hall, and auxiliary areas
  • Database reporting for research and incident review
  • Optional ADT interface for patient data
  • Wireless pager/phone interface
  • Bed controls/pillow speakers
  • Aux jacks for IV pumps/bed exit, etc.
  • Code blue emergency notification

Additional custom systems may provide wide area paging and intercom functions integrated with the nurse call system or as stand-alone systems of any scale. Included with every system:Nurse Station Phone 2

  • Customized design services
  • Installation
  • One year all-inclusive warranty
  • Personalized user and management education programs
  • Support agreements
  • Service contracts

Please contact us today to learn more about our complete integration of the latest technology in nurse call solutions that can benefit your organization. 800-366-2368