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IR/RFID Personnel & Equipment Location

Versus IR/RF Technology has emerged as the leading viable solution for tracking assets and personnel. Unlike a GPS, which can seem intrusive, IR/RF is on a need-to-know basis. Our systems can be integrated into a Nurse Call system to reduce manual entry for the nurses, among other benefits. We can also integrate into Controlled Access systems to provide high levels of security on a room-by-room basis for schools, municipal buildings and commercial facilities. When integrated into emergency systems, IR/RF provides information regarding the location of persons in dangerous or compromised areas.

Jeron wheelchair with locator tagThe Leader in Locating Solutions
Versus Information System (VIS), is a proven real-time locating system (RTLS) that puts you in touch with your resources (people and equipment) the moment you need them for workflow optimization. By using infrared (IR) and active RF technology, VIS streamlines patient flow and resource deployment to improve safety and efficiency while reducing costs. Versus pioneered the concept of patient flow management in clinical environments resulting in the most widely deployed RTLS for automatic patient tracking within ED, OR and outpatient settings. VIS operates as a stand-alone system, or easily integrates to nurse call, security, asset management, operating room, and emergency department information systems to enhance them with the power of real-time tracking.

Maintaining our commitment to provide state-of-the-art communication and security systems, Scan-Am offers IR/RFID location so you can stay in touch, and provide protection, for your personnel and equipment.

As with all our systems, Scan Am provides complete Analysis of your needs, Customized Designing, Building, Installation, Training, and Long-Term Service including our One Year On-Site Warranty.

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