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Sound Systems

Commercial SpeakerIndustrial Complexes, Hospitals, Police Stations, School Auditoriums, Health Club Complexes, Aerobics Rooms, Outside Pool Parks, Corporate Conference and Board Rooms, Sports Bars and Restaurants.

These are but a few examples of some of the rooms and facilities in which Scan Am has designed and implemented Custom Audio/Video and Sound Systems.

Scan Am has expertise in building a system that will take into account the most optimal use of environmental acoustics, as well as harmonic balance and sound intonation quality for the desired system and its intended usage.

Large areas prone to echoes are no problem. Background noise isn't an issue either. With ambient sound technology and our custom sound services we can make sure you hear what you want to hear, despite any other noise factors.Speakers

Scan Am only uses professional grade amplifiers, tuners, pre-amplifiers, sound mixers, equalizers, speakers, and microphones for its applications. From conference rooms to hospitals to outdoor arenas, Scan Am can build a system for your needs!

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