MTR® Overview

Managing Team Response® is an innovative approach that will…


  • Drive your patient satisfaction scores up,
  • Improve patient safety,
  • Assist your staff with hourly rounding,
  • Provide management reports to support your goals, and…
  • More. Much more.

While HCAHPS and other reporting groups show you and your potential patients how you compare,

We will show you how to stand out!

Patient Centered Care

Patient satisfaction, patient safety, and patient centered care go beyond patient needs and incorporate what patients perceive as quality of care. Effective and fluid communication between patients, patient families, and nursing staff, as well as staff efficiency and accessibility, play key roles in determining how patients view their stay at your hospital, and whether they will recommend your facility to their friends and loved ones. Poor communication or miscommunication, as well as lack of staff attention are highly detrimental to patients’ perception of quality of care. Yet, avoiding these setbacks can seem impossible, especially in a work environment as critical and hectic as a healthcare facility.

MTR® provides the tools to make it possible.

Designed by Experts

MTR Overview
MTR® was designed by healthcare experts who understand the areas where healthcare facilities struggle the most in regards to patient satisfaction and quality of care.

Nurses, Administrators, Executives, Managers, and Administrative Assistants all provided input based on their experience and expertise.

MTR® Electronic Whiteboards

Electronic White Board
MTR® Electronic Whiteboards: Replace your unit status board with centrally maintained and automatically updated electronic boards. Whiteboards viewed from hospital workstations offer customized information critical to the identified user. Risk Management can view key isolation data while admitting physicians view their patients and nurses and nurse managers see assignments and hourly rounding status. Large boards visible to the public show only HIPAA compliant data such as assignments, housekeeping status, icons and hospital or department news.

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MTR® Patient Room Boards

Supervised Precaution Display
MTR® Patient Room Boards: Remotely update and manage bedside notice boards in individual patient rooms. Inform families of your patients’ progress, whereabouts, plan of care and more. Dynamic alternative to dry erase boards.

Increase Patient Satisfaction Scores.

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MTR® Supervised Precautions

Supervised Precautions Display
MTR® Supervised Precautions: Centrally supervise and manage control of precautions displays for each room. No more messy or out-of-date notes posted on the doorways. Verbiage, icons, and colors are customizable to be HIPAA compliant and to meet your already established hospital standards.

Improve Patient Safety.

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MTR® Hourly Rounding

Automated Hourly Rounding
MTR® Hourly Rounding: Increase staff efficiency by automatically counting down from the last visit to each room and reminding caregivers to visit again. Customized timers for each bed, plus suspended functions when the patient is away from the room. Management reports and workstation views make Rounding Goals achievable.

Improve Accountability and reduce staff pressure.

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MTR® Management Reports

Management Report
MTR® Management Reports: A comprehensive consulting and reports management package for improving response to nurse call light activity and hourly rounding statistics. Track your teams’ progress through reports and fully automated charts and graphs. Additional reports provide information on what was communicated to patients, floor census, risk management data and more.

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MTR® connects with existing systems

MTR Connects with existing systems.
MTR® works as either a stand alone system or in tandem with your already existing systems.

MTR® seamlessly connects with your nurse call, ADT-HL7, presence badges, and workstations.

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