MTR® Publications

White Papers

Rehabilitating Purposeful Hourly Rounding. DeVries, Sonne. (2015). (Online Version).

MTR Overview

MTR® – A Modular Approach. (2015).
A visual guide to the modular MTR® components and how they work independently or together.

Patient Room Boards

Patient Room Board Comparison Chart. (2015).
How MTR® Patient Room Boards compare versus Dry Erase Boards and CATV System Boards.

MTR® Patient Room Boards save nurses time!. (2015).
How MTR® Patient Room Boards help save nurses time while significantly improving communication.

Automated Hourly Rounding

Automated Hourly Rounding – The Big Picture. (2015).
How MTR® Automated Hourly Rounding will help your facility increase patient satisfaction, with testimonials from our clients.

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